What Is The Hybrid Work Model And How To Get It Right In 2021?

When executives at the bank asked themselves that question, they realized that in their new hybrid model they had retained too many traditional meetings. By eliminating some and making others asynchronous, they boosted productivity. Fujitsu’s hubs are designed with cross-functional cooperation and serendipitous encounters in mind. Located in the major cities, they are comfortable and welcoming open-plan spaces, equipped with the advanced technologies necessary for brainstorming, team building, and the cocreation of new products. When Fujitsu employees want to work creatively with customers or partners, they invite them to a hub. The challenge in designing hybrid work arrangements is not simply to optimize the benefits but also to minimize the downsides and understand the trade-offs.

Some companies–like HubSpot, which is transitioning from a remote-ish model–have decided to adopt a hybrid remote-office model. This model involves giving employees a „menu” of options to choose from, which typically includes a remote option, a flexible work option , and an in-office option. In contrast to fully flexible hybrid work, remote-ish hybrid work involves placing guardrails on which employees can work remotely. It may involve allowing employees to schedule work-from-home days, but not on specific days like Mondays and Fridays. It may also involve allowing a sizable percentage of your employees to work remotely full time, while the majority of employees are required to come into the office most days. Another way to carry out the hybrid work model is to assign which teams should work at the office or home. This setup is best for organizations that require specific employees to work on-site.

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Like Fujitsu’s employees, millions of workers around the world this year have made a sudden shift from being place-constrained to being place-unconstrained . Perhaps less noticed is the shift many have also made along the time axis, from being time-constrained to being time-unconstrained . Tiffany is a content crafter and writer at Envoy, where she helps workplace leaders build a workplace their people love. Outside of work, her passions include spending time with her greyhound, advocating for the Oxford comma, and enjoying really great tea. Companies today must meet the needs of their workforce or risk losing talent to employers that do. Be sure to provide more than one way for employees to share their thoughts.

The Benefits Of A Hybrid Business Model

In these organizations, the leadership works remotely just like everyone else. To keep this model working, HubSpot puts a lot of effort into remote inclusion, e.g. they provide location-independent benefits, manager training, encourage remote communication, etc. The author of the above study has also found that the flexible arrangements where some favor the office and others prefer working from home can lead to a diversity crisis. That’s because women with children, for example, often prefer to work from home, whereas single young men tend to come to the office more often. This means they are more likely to advance up the career ladder faster, whereas women with children are more likely to fade into the background. Moreover, by creating “remote hubs”, employers can drastically reduce overhead, especially by saving money on pricey real estate, office supplies, employee commute, etc. Working from home continues to be the popular choice among employees, even as companies are trying to woo people back to the office.

On-prem employees may receive preferential treatment or faster promotions simply because managers can interact with them and see what they’re up to all day. Remote workers may not get enough facetime with higher-ups and key decision-makers to prove they deserve the chance to climb the ladder. As we see from new desk booking systems (such as Dell’s in Australia), HR teams will need to be hands-on in assessing office space needs both in the long- and short-term. According to Professor Anicich of The University of Southern California, your initial return to work steps may include gathering data around job roles and which tasks are suited to working from home.

And with some 36 million Americans living alone, remote work can be lonely. As social isolation can have long-lasting health implications, providing access to the office isn’t just important for retention, it’s important for employee health. Use productivity apps/software to identify the areas where your team is succeeding and those where productivity is lower. And by “productivity” you’ll want to go beyond the “numbers of hours worked in a week”. Just make sure you communicate to your employees exactly how you will be measuring their success.

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Unfortunately, much of the information and data available today about workplace productivity comes from surveys, which are prone to respondent biases and become stale quickly without ongoing research. Moreover, industries, job roles, and company size impact what productivity looks like and how companies measure it. Owl Labs’ 2021 State of Remote Work revealed 90% of employees report the same, or higher, productivity levels working from home compared to the office, as well as 55% of respondents are working longer hours remotely. Meanwhile, Gallup’s research confirms that hybrid workers have a slight edge in terms of productivity. Today, more than two years after the first lockdowns, the debate about which work model is the most effective has tapered. Many companies that are bringing their workers back to the office are doing so on this basis, meaning they are allowing employees to do a mix of in-person and virtual work during the week.

This is known as the proximity bias — the employees working closer to the leadership are unfairly considered better workers. Companies that use this model need to ensure that they have the right communication channels to connect office and remote teams. For example, if employees are allowed to decide when they’ll work remotely, they might overwhelmingly choose to stay at home on Mondays and Fridays, which can be a problem if in-person team meetings are held on these days .

What Is Hybrid Work?

However, remote and hybrid companies enable greater employee flexibility. Employees do not need to commute to work, reclaiming time for their personal life. They can also set flexible schedules that work best for their lifestyle—shifting their work hours around family, personal obligations, or hybrid work from home hobbies. The fully remote model is ideal for distributed teams that work from a variety of different locations, as well as international companies. No matter how remote-oriented they are, all the previous models are considered hybrid as they involve at least the possibility of office work.

  • Even though virtual meetings and video calls have become the norm, personal and direct interactions can improve communication and foster trust and team spirit.
  • Many people hanker after the socialising, camaraderie and shared experience, even if getting used to it again may take time.
  • On-prem employees may receive preferential treatment or faster promotions simply because managers can interact with them and see what they’re up to all day.
  • Many companies that are bringing their workers back to the office are doing so on this basis, meaning they are allowing employees to do a mix of in-person and virtual work during the week.
  • Since in-office time will be focused on collaboration, your product areas and functions will help decide which days teams will come together in the office.

Naturally, work locations and policies are not the sole determinants of the employee experience. Companies must cultivate thriving workplaces through a holistic and relentless commitment to employee engagement, wellbeing, exceptional managers and a strong company culture. Imagine, for example, two strategic planners who hold the same job at the same company, with focus as a critical driver of performance. He and his family live some distance from his office, requiring him to commute an hour each day to and from work.

Among those six in 10, there is even less agreement about how to coordinate in-person and remote schedules, with little more than a third of that group agreeing on how to define hybrid for their organization. Nonetheless, attracting and retaining top talent amid today’s „Great Reshuffling” of the workforce will require addressing the remote-work question.

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As we come out of the pandemic, organizations are realizing that there must be a middle way for the future of work, balancing between home life and office life, and that middle way is likely to be hybrid work. Before implementing hybrid policies, executives and managers need to think through the implications of how and when employees work remotely. To ensure your projects continue to progress, it’s crucial that your employees have complete visibility into their tasks no matter where they are working from. Team members should be able to easily see priorities, deliverables and the work they need to complete to meet project goals. Encourage communication between employees who come into the office by creating meeting rooms, Microsoft Team rooms, Zoom rooms, huddle rooms and other collaborative spaces. Offering flexibility to your employees improves their satisfaction in their job. That results in improved employee happiness, reduced staff turnover and a workforce which is highly-driven to help your business achieve its goals.

  • Yet despite the existing models and knowledge gathered, for every company it is a leap of faith to induce the hybrid work model.
  • April 2022 survey showed that 77% of companies have already opted to go hybrid.
  • There is improved trust between the managers and the team members, a key driver of all workplace changes.
  • When the pandemic hit, companies both large and small transitioned to remote working.
  • The firm noted the key for many employers is a flexible model that enables them to adjust plans as needed.
  • The position had regular in-person client/customer/student interaction pre-COVID which became less efficient or effective in a remote environment.

While hybrid work schedules should look different by organization and team, it is universally important to keep assessing, adjusting and reassessing how the current arrangement is working. Additionally, Gallup explored whether employees favor a certain type of hybrid scheduling policy. The No. 1 reason employees prefer hybrid work is to avoid commute time. Remote work is here to stay, and hybrid work is the future for many remote-capable employees. For many employees, returning to the office means some semblance of normalcy — or at least a workplace more like the one we remember from before the pandemic.

The Elements Of Hybrid

An improved work-life balance is one of the most desired offerings you can present to your employees and job prospects. A hybrid work model gives employees more freedom about when they can work and where they can work from. This increased autonomy to employees allows them to fit work around the rest of their lives. Idaho Trust implemented the 4Work concept in November 2021 and has seen qualified success based on employee feedback. The plan not only offers employees more options but creates opportunities based on the role of the titles and functions of the jobs. “As we grow, there’s also the opportunity for them to advance, change their position or move into a different work category,” says Prohaska. Hybrid workplaces feel less densely populated than fully in-person offices.

They are more likely to resort to spyware to „manage harder,” breeding distrust. Hybrid work offers companies a combination of both remote and office workplaces. Remote work agreements (100% telework) are supported by compelling policy, critical skill-based requirement, or family health circumstances. Employee’s job duties require them to be in a specific remote location. But mental well-being initiatives, from free therapy sessions to mental health days, are becoming table stakes.

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella waded cautiously into the waters of remote work, warning other leaders about the risks of burnout, negatively impacted mental health, and depletion of social capital. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg argues that “social bond building, culture, creativity, white-boarding and brainstorming” need to happen at the office. Remote employees, however, may also face distractions at home, like children and family, that interfere with productive work. Managers may hold more meetings because of distrust, destroying employee productivity.

hybrid work from home

Many workers are expressing anxiety about this generating an office in-group and a home out-group. For example, employees at home can see glances or whispering in the office conference room but can’t tell exactly what is going on. Even when firms try to avoid this by requiring office employees to take video calls from their desks, home employees have told me that they can still feel excluded.


Employee is a self-motivated, high performer who thrives in an independent work environment, but is also needed onsite for projects or team activities. Employee plans to work for a period of time during an approved vacation. At first glance, it looks like it’s a good time to have a remote team. Brooks emphasizes the importance of fairness in return-to-office plans and says executives must consider the pandemic’s “differential impacts”, particularly around race and gender. For example, women with young children have to figure out childcare to go into work. Bloom points out that before the pandemic, many people were already doing some type of hybrid work.

There isn’t one right answer to these questions, as the answers depend on your industry, the context of your team, and the extent of your willingness to experiment with a hybrid work model. Remote-First – most organizations went remote-first during the pandemic. This is the all-in variation where anyone who can work remotely is allowed to do so. Whether your employees are hybrid, remote or in-person, better communication begins https://remotemode.net/ with three basic elements. These results are based on nationally representative surveys of U.S. employees, defined as adults employed full time who are not exclusively self-employed. All surveys are based on self-administered web surveys conducted with a random sample of adults, aged 18 and older, who are members of the Gallup Panel. Gallup uses probability-based, random sampling methods to recruit its Panel members.

Fordham will not provide office furniture to facilitate the hybrid/remote arrangement. Employees must maintain access to networking and/or Internet capabilities at the remote worksite. The use of equipment provided by the University is limited to authorized persons and for purposes relating to University business. The University will consider work from a remote location on a part-time basis or full-time basis , subject to the approvals outlined above. As noted in the Policy Statement, the University places a high value on the on-campus face-to-face experience, and therefore, approvals of fully remote work schedules will be uncommon.

Why You Need Video Collaboration In Your Business

It often was only years later, after many painful rounds of reengineering, that companies really began making the most of those new technologies. That kind of coordination was relatively straightforward when team members all worked in the same place at the same time.

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