Klara&Faustina is a sustainable fashion brand for girls aged 1–16 years who love to spin wearing their cha cha skirts and flower meadow floral patterns, enjoy cute soft knitwear, and love to mix and match their dressy outfits.

Hand knitted cashmere and merino wool sweaters and cardigans paired with dresses will emphasise the impalpable movement of flounces and will become even softer with time.

Flower dream

A collection of floral pieces to immerse in a summer flower heaven with the repeating motif of flounces, circle frills and spinning. Hand knitted soft sweaters and cardigans to emphasise colour, silhouettes, quality and value of the collection. download catalog

Blue summer sun

Abundance of flounces and circle skirts give a feel of movement, spinning, crispiness, and a flutter of butterfly wings. Natural fibres make well-fitted garments, add value to the outfit, and support the idea of sustainable fashion. download catalog

Discover Joy

The motif of flounces, circle skirts and floral patterns transferred to the denim world makes the pieces unique and exclusive. Coats are embroidered with matching floral patterns. All pieces in the collection can be mixed and matched. download catalog

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